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Let’s explore CBD for Dogs!

At Well With Sativa, we cover different strength options for dogs of different sizes. (At this time, we only have products for dogs.) 

Here we examine how much CBD oil you could give your dog using our products. (This is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Please seek dosing recommendations from your veterinarian prior to use.) There are currently no industry wide established doses. As the cannabis market expands, more resources will be dedicated to research in optimal dosing for dogs.

Product Overview:


Potency (mg CBD / mL)

Sativa 250 mg Premium Hemp Oil

4 mg

Sativa 500 mg Premium Hemp Oil

8 mg


CBD for Dogs Dosing Chart

Here’s a quick overview of the dosage recommendations based on different weight groups. Keep in mind that different breeds might metabolize cbd differently and require dosage adjustments based on their response:

Dog’s weightMild effectsMedium effectsStrong effects
10 lbs1 mg3 mg5 mg
20 lbs2 mg6 mg10 mg
30 lbs3 mg8 mg15 mg
40 lbs4 mg10 mg20 mg
50 lbs5 mg12 mg25 mg
60 lbs6 mg14 mg30 mg
70 lbs7 mg16 mg35 mg
80 lbs8 mg18 mg40 mg
90 lbs9 mg20 mg45 mg
100 lbs10 mg24 mg50 mg

How To Give CBD to Your Dog

CBD is best absorbed through sublingual membranes (under the tongue) in oil form. Measure out your dog’s recommended daily dose with a dropper, then squeeze the oil under their tongue and see if they will hold it there.
Every dog is different.
While some dogs will accept the oil under the tongue, others love licking CBD oil up and eventually get used to the routine. Some can’t stand the earthy taste of an extract, so if your best friend isn’t interested in ingesting CBD oil, try adding it to its food.
If this doesn’t work, consider our line of pumpkin treats or tasty soft chews.
At Sativa, our CBD oil for pets contains 0% THC. We usually recommend our CBD oil as an as needed daily supplement.
Is CBD Oil Safe for My Dog?
CBD without THC is generally regarded as safe and non-toxic for pets. It comes with many of the same health benefits as humans. As long as you avoid overdosing with CBD, your dog shouldn’t experience any adverse effects at all.
Possible side effects of giving your dog too much CBD oil can produce:
  1. Dry mouth
  2. Drowsiness
  3. Temporary drop in blood pressure
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Changes in appetite
  6. Problems with coordination
  7. If your dog is on any prescription medication, be sure to inform your veterinarian about your plans to add CBD oil to your pet’s routine. CBD can affect drug levels in our furry friends.
Is CBD Oil for Dogs Different From CBD Oil for Humans?
CBD oil for dogs is the same product as CBD oil for humans. It usually contains a broad-spectrum hemp extract suspended in an oil carrier for bioavailability and stability. Pet products are also infused with unique flavorings to make the oil’s taste more appealing.
The main difference between CBD oil for dogs and humans is products for dogs usually contain a smaller amount of CBD per bottle. This makes dosing easier for the owners of smaller pets and avoids overdosing.
Key Takeaways on Getting the Right Dose of CBD Oil for Your Dog
The information above should give a general idea of how much CBD oil you can give your dog.
Remember these are only general suggestions and you shouldn’t take them as medical advice. If you want professional guidance, we recommend finding a holistic veterinarian who can better help.
As with all dosing, the best way to gauge the correct dose of CBD for your dog is to go through some trial and error and monitor the effects, readjusting the dosage if needed. Every breed is different, and every dog is different.