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CBD Cosmetics – Beautiful With CBD Skin Care

Everyone looks for products that can produce smooth and beautiful skin. The cream and lotion in our CBD lineup works for most skin types. This makes our CBD skincare widely applicable. 

Can’t I just rub CBD oil into my skin? 

You could, but you would be using more than necessary. Using concentrated CBD oil in this way would be wasteful and not cost effective. In addition, CBD oil can stain light clothing or skin. 

For these reasons, specialized cosmetic products have been formulated for use topically. Our CBD cleansers and serums also contain beauty enhancing ingredients which contribute to the health and cosmetic appearance of your skin. Olive oil or coconut oil are used as bases for CBD topicals because they carry the hemp extract, contain healthy fatty acids, and are all natural. A cream will also contain an emulsifier which allows the oil from the CBD extract and the water in your skin to mix well with each other. 

How Do I Use CBD Cream?

CBD creams can be applied directly to the skin. Our Sativa line of CBD cosmetics spread very well and are easy to apply. 

Apply a thin layer to undamaged skin. One or two fingers is already enough for your face or places that need that bit more care.

Why CBD in skincare? 

Inflammation is the root of all evil, whether that’s acne or the signs of aging. Skin doctors are intrigued by the potential of a new non-steroidal tool in their arsenal.

CBD can also help suppress breakouts by regulating oil production of the sebaceous glands according to a 2014 study

More research needs to be done with CBD and its effects on skin, but its growth is due to people looking for natural and safer remedies as opposed to synthetic compounds, harsh retinols, or topical steroids. The CBD rush is just beginning as many are finding relief and results with specialty products.