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About Well With Sativa CBD

Our Story

Our Start

Our CBD Journey

We stumbled upon CBD how most of us do. Sometimes the limits of traditional medicine are reached and patients are left searching.

One summer day, a father in law was left with a cancer diagnosis (Multiple Myeloma). After the chemo, the steroids, pain medications, and nausea medications, he was left with a great deal of pain and horrible side effects. Treatment would last months but nothing he got could help the overall feeling of discomfort.

He was given a prescription for medical cannabis and this helped greatly. While cannabis could not cure his cancer it made life with treatment bearable. Side effects were minimal and drug interactions were low. Facing a difficult prognosis, this all natural plant gave a quality of life back that made daily living better.  

But what was in cannabis? What made him feel better?  

We searched, and wanted to educate, to remove stigma from hemp and hemp-derived CBD. 

Before Well With Sativa CBD, we worked in pharmacies, doctor offices, and hospitals. We know healthcare, and we’ve dedicated our lives to helping people. 

Calm your soul, take your journey, be well with Sativa. 

well with sativa best cbd oil gummies pain
well with sativa best cbd oil gummies pain
Our Partners

Well With Sativa Launches

We care about quality, because it’s what we believe in. It’s not a way, it’s the only way.

We use the most efficient hemp CBD extraction and purification labs in the USA.

Our hemp comes from Department of Agriculture registered hemp farms in the USA.

The certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility we use ensures that we consistently provide products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

Only the highest rated cannabis testing labs are used to certify our products for content and purity. 

Our Passion

We’re Just Getting Started

We came up with a health solution that made sense:

Educate people on the potential benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

Empower people to make decisions about their health.

Make quality CBD products non-GMO, make them American grown and produced, and make them Accessible.

We work to educate people on hemp-derived CBD and its potential benefits. CBD is a great fit for people looking for natural alternatives.

Join the movement toward plants and botanicals and discover what Sativa can do for you.

well with sativa best cbd oil gummies pain