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Medical Cannabis

Why Medical Cannabis Fails and Pharmaceuticals Succeed

The major disconnect in medical professionals’ perspective on cannabis

60% of health care providers feel negatively about medical cannabis. It’s a bit of an issue to have doctors dragging their feet on prescribing cannabinoid medicine when their patients have a vested interest in their options. But there are several reasons the medical field isn’t ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Because cannabis is classified as a schedule I drug under the controlled substances act, it is illegal for physicians to prescribe even in states where medical cannabis is legal to prescribe weed. If a doctor were to prescribe medical cannabis to a patient, it could result in the revocation of their drug enforcement agency (DEA) license, which enables them to prescribe other drugs, AKA pharmaceuticals.

The loophole here is that doctors can write patients a recommendation for the plant after certifying their patient suffers from a condition that a legal state has deemed acceptable for someone to use medical weed, typically something like cancer, MS, or HIV AIDS. That same schedule I classification also means that research on the plant is limited in the U.S., leading doctors to question the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine. This is yet another theory as to why doctors are wary of medical cannabis.

Education on the endocannabinoid system

Another possibility can be traced all the way back to med school, where education on the endocannabinoid system (the regulatory system in the body that directly interacts with cannabis), is not often taught. Then there’s the fact that even if a doctor was interested in prescribing their patient medical cannabis, most healthcare providers don’t cover cannabinoid medicine.

Despite all these points stacking up to deter doctors from supporting medical weed, it is nevertheless a medical professional’s job to educate themselves on how to offer it as a possibility. Platforms like medical cannabis mentor, and the society of cannabis clinicians exist for medical professionals to learn how to build medical cannabis treatment regimens, personalize to their patient’s needs, as well as provide an education on the endocannabinoid system and how it relates to cannabis. Cannabis has an application for a wide variety of conditions. Doctors want guidlines on how to treat their patients’ illnesses, but the medical field is light years behind this patient demand.

So I guess we just have to figure it out ourselves, or visit cannabis friendly healthcare professionals. What do you guys think about doctors prescribing weed? Do you want your doctor to know how to perfectly dose you?