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Weed Tolerance Charts and Calculators

What you don't know about weed tolerance charts and calculators

What is she talking about? Repeated THC exposure over a period of time makes  your body take action to MINIMIZE the increase in CB1 receptor activity.

You start to build up a “tolerance” to THC. CBD can help, but there are other ways to prevent tolerance if you don’t want to buy CBD. What’s the most efficient way to smoke weed these days? 

The most important factor when smoking weed is tolerance.

Tolerance is the key to smoking efficiently with your cannabis.

Weed tolerance charts

The perfect length of a tolerance break is one of the most discussed topics on weed communities and forums.

The problem is there is no scientifically proven algorithm for determining the right tolerance break length for you as an individual. With your unique metabolism, lifestyle,  body disposition, and your psychological dependence on marijuana, your THC levels are as unique and diverse as your fingerprint and genetics.

There have been 22 unique studies involving a total of 629 participants in the past 50 years. Of these 22 studies, 15 found positive evidence of cannabis tolerance.*

Weed tolerance calculators

Research suggests weed tolerance exists but is highly individualized, meaning even a weed tolerance calculator is an estimation. 

The best calculator online can be found here by the L.A. Times.

The smoke calculator is a great tool for roughly visualizing how using a joint, bong or a bowl, results in more THC loss when inhaled and how smoking methods compare.

How can I get the most out of my weed and reduce my tolerance?

  • Avoid Larger Hits and Amounts of Cannabis
  • Take a Smoke Free Cannabis Day At Least Once A Week
  • Store Cannabis Properly
  • Purchase Different Strains of Cannabis To Vary THC Levels or Use CBD Oil

Get the most from your weed and save money

Here’s some tips on how to get the most from your weed so you can save money, and enjoy those buds. 

  • Inhale deeply, but don’t hold for longer than 2 seconds. Reducing the amount of time the smoke spends in your lungs will reduce the amount of undesirable products that settle in your lungs. Inhaling and holding longer won’t get you any higher.
  • Use your carb correctly. When you feel like you’ve gotten a good pull, you take your finger off, ‘releasing it,’ then continue to inhale. This clears your bong or bowl of smoke.
  • Use a grinder to create a level of burning consistency you can’t get by hand.
  • Store cannabis properly, somewhere dark, cool, and if possible, in glass containers over plastic.
  • Avoid bad flavor, use a standard BIC lighter.
  • Talk to a good budtender to understand the strains available to you.
  • Get good, spongy, flower. Not too dry, not too wet. Frostiness or crystals on buds ensures she’s loaded with the cannabinoids you want.
  • Pick smaller, tighter nugs with less stem.
  • Clean your pipes. 99% isopropyl alcohol will help break resin loose and ensure the best experience.